Eggstatic Eggsperiences

Would you like to eggsperience the eggstatic?

Are you ready to feel all the ecstasy available to you as a woman?

Are you ready to heal old traumas and a damaged sense of body confidence?

Are you ready to awaken your desire and the creative power of your womb?

Well then welcome to the wondrous world of yoni eggs my dear! 

Seriously, these babies are beyond beneficial for your lady bits, as you are about to find out.

Three years ago I was homebound and recovering from severe anemia, and I mean the kind of severe where I ended up in the emergency room and had to receive three bags of blood but could still barely walk to my kitchen and heat up soup. My periods had been prolific and virtually non-stop for almost three years straight, and slowly but surely, I was bleeding myself dry, almost to the point of death.

No matter what test they ran, and trust me they ran a LOT of them, they couldn’t find the source of my sorrow.  In the follow-up appointments after I was discharged, my doctor had no solutions for me other than birth control pills or a hysterectomy, neither of which interested me in the slightest. I decided to heal myself, and in that quest I tried many, many things.

One of those things was buying a rose quartz yoni egg.

I remembered reading about this mysterious healing tool a few years before and had always remained intrigued. I had more than a sneaking suspicion that this deluge of blood had been trying to scream specific things to me, trying to remind me of old sexual trauma and unexpressed grief over the death of my mother, but I had been refusing to listen. Finally it was time for me to stop and hear what my body had to say.

I had read about a self loving ritual you could use with a rose quartz egg to rebirth yourself, and somehow I knew that was exactly what I needed to finally begin my healing journey. I had to wait a bit before starting, because my menstrual flow had a mind of her own, but when I was finally able to get a break from the blood after much rest and gentle yoga, I dug in, or should I say, I put it in.

And that’s when I began to discover just what gems these little crystals are!

Seriously, you have no idea the magic these eggs can crack open in your life.  Here are just some of the benefits you may eggsperience when working with yoni eggs:

    • Heal trauma

      • Even if you’ve never been the victim of sexual trauma directly, just living in our culture, with its disdainful and exploitative view of the feminine and of sexuality, has been enough to damage and shame your beautiful yoni (this is a Tantric term equivalent to “vagina,” meaning “sacred space”).

        That shame subtly and subversively shuts you down sexually, simultaneously stifling your unique expression in this world, corroding you all the way to the core.  Working with yoni eggs and learning to cultivate your sexuality in a safe, solitary, and healthy way can go a long way towards healing this shame.

      • The eggs are carved from various crystals and “rocks,” each with its own special healing properties.  Having them in your yoni for any length of time can help draw out negative energies that have been stored there, and this happens to be a hot spot repository for women for all the bad things they have experienced in life.

      • Since the eggs gently work the pelvic and uterine muscles, they can also help alleviate certain female issues, such as irregular menstrual cycles, heavy periods, and even unbearable cramps.


    • Improve your pelvic muscle strength, suppleness, and dexterity

      • Working with yoni eggs regularly can help heal specific issues, such as tightness, pain or incontinence, while also increasing pelvic tone, especially after giving birth.

      • I call it eggsercise for a reason! Working out your hooha improves “dexterity,” i.e. the ability to isolate certain muscles in your vagina, which can build your sexual confidence as a woman.


    • Increase your orgasmic experience

      • Moving the eggs around inside awakens every delicious area of your vagina (some of which I bet you never knew existed, as they generally go untouched!), so this entire region becomes more sensitive and responsive, especially during sex.

      • All of this “eggsercise” strengthens your muscles, creating stronger contractions, and therefore more powerful orgasms!  Seriously, it will be like experiencing the “big O” for the first time once you’ve pumped and plumped your pussy.


    • Learn to accept your body and love it more

      • Since you will be touching your nether regions on a regular basis when using yoni eggs, and in an entirely different way from the norm, you will soon discover your sacred space seems “cleaner,” more beautiful, and fully acceptable to you, just as she is.


    • Become magnetic

      • As you heal your sexual shame and old wounds, you will notice that you naturally attract more desirable things into your life, including a better quality mate or lover.  This is a natural and super shiny side effect of loving yourself unconditionally and becoming whole again.

      • Yoni eggs are magical!  Since they are carved from crystals and other earthly delights, they “vibrate” at various frequencies, each attracting aligned experiences and attributes into your life.  These can include prosperity, fertility, wisdom, freedom, and adventure, all depending on which stone you choose to rock.

      • When you have an egg in, it automatically anchors you in your womb, which is your creative power center as a woman.  This helps you get out of your head and into your body, which is how we can become effortlessly attractive and “feminine” as women. It can also act as the “eye of the storm” during emotional turmoil, keeping you balanced and centered, so that life doesn’t throw you off course.


A little over a year ago I started teaching a series of special eggsercises to small groups of women on a monthly basis, because I wanted to spread the love and healing I had experienced with these little beauties.  I simply couldn’t keep these secret, special healing tools to myself any more!  And I think I can honestly say that it has been beautifully transformative for everyone involved, myself included.  So here I am, offering my signature mini-immersion course, Eggstatic Eggsperiences, to you lovely ladies once again : )

This course is a month-long, multi-layered (and often multi-orgasmic!) journey into what it is to be a sexual woman, letting our eggs guide us every step of the way.  Over the course of the month, you will be transformed from a fresh Maiden, to a sensual Lover, to a compassionate and creative Mother, to a sovereign and Sacred Sexual Priestess, and finally to a Wild and Wise Womban, learning everything you need to know to become healed, whole, and deliciously orgasmic.

Just check out the eggstatic eggsperiences I have in store for you my dears:

Week 1 – The Maiden:

Developing Intention, Self Discovery, & Self Respect

In this class, we become the Maiden – fresh, virginal, and pure.  This week is about approaching your body with excitement, appreciation, and discovery, as if it is just blossoming and being touched for the first time!  We will learn how to discover your sweet spots and start awakening them to their fullest pleasure potential.  And since you can only be as vulnerable as you are protected, we will also learn how to say “no” in a way that makes your delicate bud feel safe to open.

  • We will begin this class by discovering the woman you long to grow into and what obstacles might be keeping her at bay.

  • Then we will learn all about the care and feeding of our yoni eggs and how to make the most of them.  This will include how to clean them, string them, and remove them safely so there’s no need to worry about these beauties getting “stuck.”

  • Next we will move into some light massage techniques designed to awaken your secret erogenous zones.  Seriously, you have NO IDEA just how much pleasure your body is designed to eggsperience!  This will include some basic breast massage techniques (all clothed and discrete) to begin cleansing our hearts and breasts and cultivating a sense of self-love.

  • Finally we will discuss the basic anatomy of the vulva (the outer lady parts) and just how many pleasure pathways it contains!  You will also learn some basic egg practices for safely eggsploring this area solo.

  • We will end the class setting our intention for the month and beginning the “moonifestation” process, planting the seed of the woman you will become in your imagination <3


Week 2 – The Lover:

Cultivating Beauty, Desire, & Sexual Magnetism

In this class, we become the Lover – beautiful, radiant, and sexually attractive.  This week will be about cultivating and embracing your personal beauty, while simultaneously developing your desire AND your desirability.  We will also discuss the “dangers” that can come with letting your sexiness be seen in the world as a woman and how you can move through them unscathed.

  • In this class we will continue with more breast massage techniques (again, clothed) that can be used to firm, beautify, and even enlarge your beauties to their fullest potential.

  • Next we will learn how to isolate the exterior areas of your lady parts with special cuntractions designed to heighten your desire!  We will be seriously shaking up your sexual energy and learning how to move it up and through your entire body, making it super sparkly and magnetic. And just so we can keep your sexy self safe in the world, we will learn something I like to call “the radiant breath.”

  • Then we will learn how to locate your ovaries and capture their creative and regenerative power using just massage and your breath.  This will culminate with “the beautiful breath,” the most transformative technique for turning back the clock there is!

  • Finally we will go over a sipping eggsercise and “the blossoming breath,” both designed to build sensation and desire so that your yoni can naturally pull an egg (or anything else!) in.


Week 3 – The Mother:

Blooming into Your Full Femininity & Sexual Expression

In this class, we become the Mother – loving, sexually surrendered, and ecstatic.  This week will be about opening fully to your sexual expression, so you can surrender and ride the waves of orgasmic bliss!  We will also discuss the issues of shame, judgment, and trust so that nothing comes between you and your orgasm.

  • This is the course culmination, coinciding with the luminous full moon!  We will finally move to the inside of the yoni, making use of all, and I mean ALL, of the muscles that make up this multi-orgasmic love canal, and there are more than you might think.

  • We will learn how to contract each section of the vagina, from the base to the cervix, as well as how to roll an egg up and down.  This will include learning “the deep throat breath,” which is all about opening your heart, your cervix, and your voice.

  • We will also learn the best eggsercises for tightening your tunnel, which you might just need if you’re a real life mama.  These are the tricks for restoring your “virgin” plasticity and overcoming incontinence dear ladies.

  • Finally we will learn how to fully relax and receive during sex, which is the key to everlasting orgasms.  This will include “the breath of desire” and “the goddess undulation,” both of which are guaranteed to make the missionary position memorable!

  • We will end class by planting your seed egg in your womb (figuratively!) and learning how to feather your nest for the reborn version of yourself to cum ; )


Week 4 – The Sacred Sexual Priestess:

Healing Yourself with the Wisdom of your Womb

In this class, we become the Priestess – creative, centered, and your own greatest healer.  This week will be about turning inwards like the moon and diving to the depths of your womb, tapping its wisdom and developing your intuition.  We will also discover the creative power of your womb and how expressing yourself can help you heal.  Finally you will learn how to bring your wounds to light and finally forgive and forget. 

  • In this class we will learn eggsercises ideal for focusing on yourself during sex, as we get on all fours and bring our bellies to the earth.  We will shimmy, circle, and spiral our pelvises, rolling our eggs round and round, then circulate the sexual energy up and around the body with “the creatrix breath.”

  • This week is all about expressing yourself, especially through your creativity.  You will learn how to use art to let go of the past, as well as a technique I call “wombanifestion,” which uses your sexual energy for creating a whole (and healed) new future.

  • You have to feel to heal, so the first step is making it a priority to get it all out – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  You will learn how to open to your emotions safely and allow them to sensitize your body.  You will also discover how sounding can open your yoni to even more pleasure!

  • We will move through a divinely feminine meditation designed to concentrate any residual trauma into your egg using “the womb breath,” and then gently birth it from your body.

  • Finally we will learn how to stay centered in the womb space when needed, so you can remain poised in your power and able to fluidly flow with your emotions, no matter how turbulent they might be!  This will allow you to use them as rocket fuel for your transformation rather than letting them throw you off-balance.


Week 5 – The Wild & Wise Womban:

Rebirthing Yourself

In this class, we become the Wild and Wise Womban – untamed and full of boundless power.  This week we cum full circle, finally giving birth to the newly healed version of YOU!  We will also cover covert techniques for breaking your water via your Goddess Spot, and how to prepare for birthing a baby in real life by bearing down.

  • In this class you will learn how to get off while getting on top using a special technique called “the camel.” Combine this with “the orgasmic birthing breath” and get ready to ride endless waves of pleasure!

  • And speaking of waves, you will also learn how bearing down can be your best friend for breaking your water, i.e. female ejaculation. You will learn how to massage your Sacred Spot using your egg and then go with the flow.

  • Next we will pump some iron with our eggs, learning how to develop super strength and create a power pussy! We will learn “the pleasure pull” and “the tug of war,” as well as practices geared precisely for giving birth.

  • Once you are in the flow, you will learn how to really let go, releasing inhibitions and setting yourself free.  We will combine the glute shimmy with “the dragon’s breath” to set yourself on fire and burn off any remaining impurities.

  • Finally we will rebirth ourselves together, transitioning from the old you to the new, emerging transformed and renewed!  We will also go over ways you can continue spiraling with your eggs and the moon to create anything and everything you want in life <3

These classes are held in a private space, so please know that everything will be discrete, chaste, and completely clothed. In fact, you can even choose not to use an egg at all and still reap most of the benefits!  It will be up to you whether or not to wear your egg during class, and don’t forget that you will have plenty of time and privacy to practice with your egg at home between classes.

Unfortunately I have no newly laid eggs right now, but you can buy one of your very own using the links below to my sacred source.  We won’t be “wearing” them until Week 3, so you have plenty of time to order and receive your blessed bundle of bliss in the mail before the eggsercising begins!

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Medium drilled jade egg – “The Queen’s Jewel

    • This is the classic egg used for the yoni, dating back to the original concubines of the Chinese Dynasty!  These stones are unbreakable, regal, and great for beginners.  This is your egg of choice if you want to feel seated on your throne of everlasting power and sovereign in your grounded (yet heart-centered) sexuality.  Buy your own here!


  • Medium drilled rose quartz egg – “The Love Stone”

    • This is the quintessential feminine stone, magnetizing love, fertility, beauty, and abundance!  She is quite popular : )  Seriously, I believe every woman who has used this stone in my course has attracted some level of abundance to herself, from new jobs, to increased sales, to raises.  So, get ready for increased incum.  Buy your own here!


  • Medium drilled black obsidian egg – “The Transformer”

    • If you’re truly ready to plug into your power source, then this is the stone for you!  This is the most potent of the eggs, perfect for healing womb issues, dissolving trauma, and igniting your inner fire for eggstatically electric sexuality.  Buy your own here!


  • Medium (undrilled) clear quartz egg – “The Sorceress Stone”

    • Think of this as your crystal ball for looking deep within!  This is the great enlightener of the stones, clearing your chakras and connecting your womb with your divine (and crystal-cleared) consciousness.  Buy your own here!


  • Medium (undrilled) amethyst egg – “The Mystic’s Muse”

    • Amethyst is one of my favorite stones, especially when I want to get in touch with my inner priestess!  If you’d like to tap into your womb wisdom and see what visions she has to show you, then let this stone sink you to your depths.  Buy your own here!

I really am over the moon teaching this course!  It’s the culmination of three years of learning in the Land of the Labia (and the rest of the Nether Region), and I cannot even begin to tell you how blissful you can become by using these eggs and practicing these techniques.

This will be my twelfth trip riding the lunar cycle with lovely ladies, and so many of the women have had incredible eggsperiences, manifesting their desires in big and small ways, often within the first week!  We’re talking everything from awakening dormant sexual sensations, to opening up and receiving love and abundance, to becoming aligned with their highest purpose in life, to breast regeneration and the elimination of incontinence.

This is just a little of what Ingrid had to say about her eggsperience (speaking about her breasts) :

“…the general tone has improved, like going in a time machine and seeing what my boobs looked like when I was in my early twenties and had no respect for them, though they were perfect and voluptuous! And the lumpiness and painful lymph nodes I had in my chest have completely disappeared…” (you can read her full testimonial here) 

And speaking of lovely ladies, this is often the favorite aspect of the course for women.  There is something special and magical about women coming together in support of one another, and I notice that there is a deep sense of remembering that happens when we circle together as one.  A deep healing occurs just by dissolving the sense of competition and distrust between women that is so encouraged in our current culture, so this alone can resolve so many hidden issues within.  Seriously, get ready to glow : )

Also, as part of your course package, you will receive a follow-up e-mail each week with a list of all the homeplay eggsercises that will help you embody the corresponding phase of your womanhood.  These will include recordings from class that you can download and follow along to at your leisure, as well as topics to eggsplore for the week.

So even if a class or two interferes with your schedule, or life “takes over” (which tends to happen when you plant your seed, i.e. your egg, of intention), please know that I’ve got you covered.  You’ll have the resources to continue your practices for as long as you like, spiraling inward month after month after month.

So when eggsactly will the good times (and the eggs!) roll, you may ask?

Classes will be every Friday night from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, covering one lunar cycle (June 23rd – July 21st). They will be held in my little Ravyn’s nest, located at 1063 West 4th Street, Apt. #2W, right here in Williamsport. There will also be a private group on Facebook where you can share your “eggsperiences” and awakenings with each other in confidence.

Still can’t make it to my nest every week?  Or maybe you need to save on eggspences?  

Then why not become one of my burgeoning Beta Beauties and meet me in the ethers like a good little birdie!  That’s right, now you can opt for the online-only option, where you will get all the course materials, as well as a live weekly Facebook lecture with me to keep you on course.  This will be your chance to get some fine-feathered feedback on your eggsperiences and maybe even some on-air eggsercises.  Plus you will save almost 50% with this option!

So, if you’re ready to eggsperience just how eggstatic life can be, register below and let the healing begin.  Please note that there is only room for four lovely “live” ladies in my nest at this time, so if this course is calling your name, make sure to claim your spot and get nestled now.

I look forward to being your teacher in the tangible techniques of bliss <3


More Eggstatic Eggsperiences testimonials for your inspiration:

“As a teacher, Robyn seems to personify the Divine Feminine: Elegant and earthy, spiritual and bawdy, intellectual and intuitive. She is completely approachable and so compassionate that even the shyest and most reserved person could feel at ease in her classes. I “accidentally” signed up for the Eggstatic Eggsperiences course, never imagining that I would actually attend. Am I ever glad I did! The class was one of the most useful elements of my healing journey. It helped me reconnect to joyful sexuality, find new ways to live in and love my body (in more than erotic ways), and rediscover feelings and hopes I thought I had lost forever. This class is about much more than vaginal toning with a yoni egg. It is a complex and purifying journey through all the stages of womanhood that culminates in dazzling rebirth. Thank you, Robyn, for your healing presence and generous spirit. ”

Rebecca Kinzie Bastian, MFA, Copywriter, Poet, and Author of Charms for



“I recently signed up for Robyn’s Eggstasy class. I was so excited that she was scheduling the class when I could attend. I was looking forward to regaining my sensual self. I felt it had been missing for a bit. In her write-up about the class, she mentioned that old wounds could also be healed. I have worked on “wounds” for years, and didn’t pay much attention to this.

Well…I signed up for the class and immediately started having bowel issues, but faithfully attended each class. After the first class, I had severe diarrhea–with no warning of the impending doom! This continued for three weeks. I even ended up in the emergency room one night, having all kinds of tests done. It was recommended that I go on a liquid diet and have a colonoscopy, even though I had one two years prior and was fine.

So, the NIGHT of the HEALING OLD WOUNDS approached. I attend class. At this point I could barely crawl around on the floor–or get up. In fact, I left class before everyone else that night. I identified the wound (which I seriously thought I had dealt with previously), and this time wrote in my journal, threw some Tarot Cards, and actually allowed myself to feel the anger and betrayal of that time. That night I slept like a baby, and have not had any issues since. Releasing this wound through Robyn’s class has helped to release a lot of SHIT that I had been holding onto for years.

I am blessed to have been in such a safe place to identify the wound and talk about it in class. The support and understanding I received was most helpful. This class has been life-changing for me. People who have known me for years now ask me “What are you doing differently,” “You look great,” “You just shine”.

Thank you, Robyn, for all you have done for me. I would recommend this class to anyone. It is not just about dealing with old wounds, but also about getting back in touch with your sexuality in a safe, loving way and using the tools you learn to improve your life on many deep levels.”

Eileen Dgien, Reiki Practitioner and Tarot Card reader, Celestial Winds Healing


P.s. You can check out just some of what you will eggsperience with this course right here:


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