Goddess for a Night! A Kama Sutra workshop

Are you ready to come into sacred sensual union with your lover?

Then the Goddess for a Night! VIP day was made for you my dear!

This day-long immersion is your chance to learn all the secrets to sensual lovemaking, and most importantly, how to make sex fun and exciting again! If you have found yourself slipping into a sexual slump with your partner, then step inside my studio on Saturday, and we will play all day with techniques and tips for bringing you both to the heights of ecstatic union and keeping you there as a pair <3

Seriously, there are ways of taking the duty out of doing it and making it feel like the very time all over again! Just check out the delicious details below.


Here’s all the lovemaking lessons you’ll learn:

    • Learning all the secrets to sacred touch, from top to bottom! This includes full body massage techniques for relaxing your partner open, as well as the more intimate yoni (vaginal) and lingam (penis) massages. This can help you train your lover to last longer and hold out as long as you like. Don’t worry, this will be completely clothed and demurely demonstrated on a plastic model!


    • Techniques for awakening all five senses so that sex becomes truly sensational! This will include tips for setting up surroundings that allow you both to completely surrender to your mutual pleasure and sink into your sensuality. We will also sample some simple aphrodisiacs to put you both in the mood to do the deed, as well as sensual techniques for feeding each other to the point of full turn on.


    • Breathing techniques for both partners to help spread the love! This will include some Taoist secrets that can make your man multiorgasmic and take you along for the ride.


    • Sexual yoga you can do (alone or together) to train for your time together. This will include a short solo routine you can do daily to keep you in shape for sex and stop you from getting sore, as well as advanced flexibility if you’d like to explore even more! These moves will not only help you sustain your sexercise for as long as you want – they also translate directly into the act itself.


    • We will end the day by learning the simplest sex magic technique there is to bring you together and make your dreams cum true ; )


This day-long deep dive into sensual partner practices is first in a series of special VIP Days, where we pay special attention to your Very Important P*ssy! Think of it as a spa day for your Va-jay-jay : )

Here’s a sample of what you’ll see on the Goddess for a Night! Kama Sutra workshop course page: Sex-Y-oga From the Back!


There are another two full sections like this (Sex-Y-oga On Your Back! and Sex-Y-oga On Top!), so you can pick your favorite position and sexercise as often as it suits you and your sweetheart <3

Plus there is an astounding assortment of other resources to make your lovemaking sessions sensational, including my favorite online videos for foreplay, such as g-spot and cervical orgasms, Orgasmic Meditation, and even some simple sex magic.

So have I piqued your curiosity on all the ways you can cum as a couple?

Then snatch up this sexy beducation for $69 and get started!


* Please note that refunds are not available for this package