Summer Seductress

Are you ready for your sexiest summer yet?

When you think of summer, what racy “s” words come racing to your mind?  Sexy, steamy, sultry, maybe even sprinklers?

Summer is the season we long to be both languorous and daring, the delicious heat a risque reason for wearing a little less and melting us into the arms of an awaiting lover, the thought of liquory juices cooling our ripe bodies, and the sweat of sex saturating us with desire.

But when was the last time your summer lived up to that fantasy?

When was the last time you wore something strapless or dated someone new just for the sexcapades their body promised?

When was the last time you went skinny dipping or dared to dip your toe at all?

And why is that my dear?  Why haven’t you let yourself go for it with gusto or used your gams to get the guy?

Well maybe you just don’t feel all that sexy or free.

Or maybe you think your shape is the kind that should be covered up, or that women your age aren’t wanted.

Maybe you think being a mom means putting everyone else first, putting your desires on hold, and acting like a lady.

Or maybe you’re just too tired to dare or desire.  Maybe you’re drained from all the doing and none of the “being.”.

Well I’m here to tell you that none of that is true!

A woman’s true sexual magnetism doesn’t come from her size, her shape, her age, or even her skills in bed.  It comes from her confidence and her hunger.

A woman who’s living fully in her feminine and feeding her desires on the daily is a force to be reckoned with, a sacred source of inspiration for both men and women.

She’s the kind of lady who lights up the room, is the life of the party, and lifts everyone up with her laugh.

Now wouldn’t you love to be that lady and live her life?

Well I’ll tell you a secret.  Every woman, and I mean every one, has it in her to be a sacred seductress, someone who uses her sexual essence to be magnetic and create real magic in her life.

Every woman has her own individual assets, and when she knows how to use them skillfully, she can get whatever and whoever she wants.  She can attract her dream life straight to her and even show it off a bit without shame.

So how about you?  Have you tallied up your talents, both in the bedroom and out, or used them to get the life or the man you want?

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you haven’t.  I’m willing to bet you feel either stupid or ashamed or even silly about being seductive.  But the truth is, it’s in your very virtuous nature as a woman to sharpen this skill, and the world will be all the better for it!

More than anything else, the feminine is alive and magnetic.  It is divinely designed to draw in its desires and create more life from there.

So are you ready to discover what you really want deep down?

Are you willing to put your feminine wiles to work and make your wildest wishes come true?

Well if you are, then let’s get this sexy summer started!  I’ll teach you what you probably never learned from your mother or your friends but should have, so you’ll emerge from this season a seductress supreme!

Let’s take a look at the 13 magical feminine talents you’ll be learning, and their corresponding seduction skills that’ll make this summer your sexiest one yet ; )


Week 1: Sensuality & Pleasure

This week you’ll discover that your senses are a portal to the present and that pleasure can be your personal path to the Divine! We will use special techniques to help you lovingly embrace and sensitize your body, which is the first step to fully receiving pleasure. You will also use sensuality to tap into the feelings of gratitude and abundance, discovering that erotic energy is seamlessly surrounding you, just waiting to float you in its ocean of bliss.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Tasty techniques for lifting your libido and sinking into your sensuality.

    • My favorite recipes for luscious body oils, scentual bath salts, and luxurious lubricants, all the better to love up your body and make it sublime.

    • Time tested tips for pleasurably eating and sensually slimming down using my French foodie fundamentals.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of hedonism, laziness, and overindulgence.


Week 2: Beauty & Radiance

This week you’ll celebrate your own personal beauty and let your radiance shine forth for all the world to see! We’ll discuss how to cultivate your feminine essence so you become a luminous superstar, as well as how to feel safe letting your sexual light shine. You’ll also learn how to enhance the beauty of your face and breasts, so your headlights can light the way to love.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Special massage techniques for awakening, restoring, and beautifying your breasts, as well as rejuvenating and restoring facial tone.

    • A technique I call “the radiant breath” that makes it safe to let your sexual glow show.

    • Miracle mirror exercises for witnessing and adoring the Love Goddess within you.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of vanity, jealousy, and competition with other women.


Week 3: Playfulness & Tease

This week your inner little girl who was all innocence in her sexuality will make a welcome appearance, helping you remember what it is to be spontaneous, lighthearted, and carefree again, cum what may ; ) We’ll learn some techniques for shaking up your sexual energy like a bottle of champagne and letting it bubble up and out into joy and exuberance! You’ll also learn the fine art of flirting and how to tease with ease.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Secret techniques for connecting your nether regions to your nipples, so your heart and your parts work as one.

    • A technique I call “the heart breath” that brings your bliss to your breasts and lets them (and you!) dance with joy.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of indecision and aimlessness.


Week 4: Vulnerability & Softness

This week you’ll let your tender heart train your inner temptress to shed a tear or two! We’ll talk about the intoxicating effect of emotional vulnerability and how the more you let your heart heal, the more pleasure you’ll feel! You’ll also learn how to stop “pushing through” and ask for help from time to time.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Tips for surrendering to circumstances and letting a man be your Hero.

    • Secrets of how sounding what you feel will open you to more orgasms.

    • Suggestions on how you can softly support your suitor to share his deepest secrets with you.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of neediness, emotional volatility, and vindictiveness.


Week 5: Cleverness & Wit

This week you’ll learn to trust and flaunt your intelligence and intuition, teaching your man a thing or two! We’ll dispel the myth that smart girls have to play stupid to be struck by Cupid, plus you’ll learn not to use your natural knowledge of the psyche to manipulate and become a “psycho.” Instead you’ll be led by the romantic energy of Psyche, understanding the intelligence of the soul and letting it lead the way.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Techniques for tapping your inner well of wisdom and planning your life in partnership with the Divine.

    • Tips for using discernment and strategy to know what you want and setting your sites on getting it.

    • Suggestions for using cunning lingus and mind fu*king (the good kind!) to steal a man’s heart.

    • Instructions for tantalizingly teaching a man to please you in any and every way.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of manipulation, pulling strings, and living from your head.


Week 6: Skill & Dexterity

This week you’ll learn how to sharpen your special skills (including the sexual ones!) and enjoy the invigorating fire of competition, fanning the flame of self-assurance and inflaming him all at once. We’ll discuss how to impress him with your competence without dampening his desire. You’ll also learn how to make him feel like a champion without having to let him win.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Tips for setting fire to his desire with a little friendly competition.

    • Techniques for developing your manual dexterity and polishing his “sword” until he sweetly surrenders to you.

    • My personal version of “the breath of fire” which you can use to pulse your power centers and pump up your performance.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of emasculation, castration, and the guarded need to be independent.


Week 7: Art & Creativity

This week you’ll tap your true talent, whether poetry, dance, or cooking, and turn it into an art form! We’ll discuss expressing yourself with dramatic and creative flair, inspiring his own inner artist to emerge. You’ll also learn the mysteries of the muse and how to make a man’s heart melt in amore.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Techniques for drawing in the energy of the Goddess so that your artistic expression is divinely inspired and inspiring.

    • Advice on posing for your partner so that your feminine flower becomes the center of his world.

    • Tips for cummunicating with the cosmic Creatrix during cunnilingus.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of criticism and self doubt.


Week 8: Desire & Passion

This week you’ll discover your desire and your passion, your very reasons for being! We’ll talk about how to fuel your drive to succeed and achieve without running out of gas. You’ll also learn how to light his fire and drive a man wild with desire.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Techniques for developing your va-jay-jay so it knows how to play.

    • A technique I call “the breath of desire” that makes your whole body turned on, sparkly, and magnetic.

    • Tips for seductively sensual dance, including tricks for you clit so she can start a fire during your lap dance.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of shame and promiscuity.


Week 9: Poise & Grace

This week you’ll learn how to stay centered in all situations! We’ll talk about how to move and take action with grace and ease, staying poised in your power and mastering any situation life brings you. You’ll also learn how to make any missteps your signature dance, flourishing your faux pas.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Techniques for staying balanced in your body, in every way imaginable.

    • A stance I call “the goddess pose” that instantly brings you into your feminine center of allurement, even if it’s not even.

    • Tips for learning to laugh at yourself and letting it open up your orgasms.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of awkwardness and insecurity.


Week 10: Charm & Flattery

This week you’ll be Venus conquering Mars, disarming others and winning them over! We’ll talk about using your coquettish qualities to get anyone to say yes to anything. You’ll also learn how to flatter from the heart, and at this point you will be so overflowing with love and life that you can be generous with the compliments.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Techniques for convincing him that are of the oral persuasion.

    • A technique I call “the deep throat breath” that opens your womanly wonder to more pleasure.

    • Tips for getting yourself off while you go down.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of superficiality and fakeness.


Week 11: Mystery & Magnetism

This week you’ll learn how to become irresistible to all that you desire! We’ll discuss the natural nature of women to attract and receive, and how you can bring in only what’s best for you. You’ll also learn how to come onto someone without coming off as creepy.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Techniques for pulling your partner in with your pussy (literally!) with the help of a jade egg.

    • Suggestive suggestions for making yourself magnetic through the magic of your cervix.

    • The true traits of feminine mystique and how to make him miss you.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of desperation and disbelief.


Week 12: Power & Magic

This week you’ll learn how to be sourced by Source so you can attract and create from your most Divine self. We’ll talk about being “plugged in” so you can be the power source to your partner without short circuiting. You’ll also learn how to co-create as a Creatrix with the creative cosmos.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Techniques for awakening a man’s essence during sex (his “sexence”), bringing him into your womb and rebirthing him as a God.

    • Ancient techniques for letting the mystery of menstruation bring you and your lover into closer cummunion.

    • Natural herbs, supplements, and practices that can be used to increase your fertility or keep a baby at bay.

    • Tips for pulling your partner up to heaven while riding on top.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of domination and power over.


Week 13: Love & Adoration

This is the culmination of our course, when you’ll be Aphrodite Herself, embodying LOVE in everything you do! We’ll talk about developing unconditional compassion and understanding, seeing the sacred in everything and everyone. You’ll also learn all the flavors of love, from faithful to fun to fierce, and how to know which facet to feel.

  • You’ll get the following Goddess goodness:

    • Techniques for gazing upon your guy as a God and guiding him into his greatness.

    • Special sexercises for sourcing your heart from your sacred spot so it is always overflowing in divine Love.

    • Tips for making every sexy session sacred with an assortment of positions that allow two hearts to meet and become one.

    • Simple yet effective techniques for shining the light of LOVE on the shadows of resentment and judgement.


So what do say?  Are you ready to get the man without the manipulation?

Are you ready to learn what it really means to be a woman in the world and have your way with it?


Then check out our sexy syllabus in seduction:

  • Full video recordings of our weekly classes on a private course page you can keep forever <3 <3 <3

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Our sacredly sexy studies start soon, meeting every Saturday this summer (July 8th – September 30th) from 3:00 – 5:00 pm via Facebook live, all from the privacy of my boudoir and Bawdy and Soul Studio.

So if you’re ready to get started, pick your payment plan pricing below and save your spot <3


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Each of these online course pages is a $133 value and will perfectly complement and complete your curriculum depending on your constitution.  So pick the one that pleases you most and put it in the “Notes” section when you pay <3

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