Wanna sneak a peek at Miss Lunatique in a way that's oh so easy and not at all sleazy?

Then step inside Cabaret Lunatique's online Peekeasy and get your own front row view in this private venue!

Think secret, internet Speakeasy, where I play a weekly game of peek-a-view with you!

You see, I like to say that I’m the shyest stripper you’ll ever see, as I sometimes stay in my shell even when I’m on stage...


But if you really wanna see me naked, (in the esoteric sense of course!), then watch what happens when it’s just Me, my Mirrors, and the Mystery!


When I invoke the Goddess and let Her move through me, I become an enchantress beyond compare, a bellydancer extraordinaire, a succulent sex kitten writhing in her underwear!

So if you want secret peeks of this haughty (some might even say snotty), and only so naughty, over the hill hottie, then read on to discover all you'll be privy to in this private place <3

Here's a peek at a week of Miss Lunatique...

Kitchen Cutie!


This could include everything, even some kitchen kink!


Maybe me in some heels, slaving over a hot stove in the nude, or me on all fours, forking my food.


Guess it all depends on the season and my mood!


'Cause when it comes to eating, I'm certainly no prude!


This is for all those sapiosexuals out there!


Watch me slip under the covers in nothing but my nightie or my knickers and read erotica so classic it's considered literature.


We're talking Miller, DeSade, maybe even a little Nin for some sin.


Trust me, you've never seen a brain this big in bed before!


Heard of the hooker with a heart of gold?  Well that's exactly who I am!


Halfway between a whore and a nun, sex is so sacred to me, I'm often gettin' none...


But that doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two about what YOU should do!


Listen in as I share some of my Priestitute practices with you, and maybe you can sharpen your sex skills and learn something new <3

Dancing Devotionals!

Dancing is the one devotion I do every day!


It's the time when I'm surest to see the Goddess gazing back at me, not to mention feel HER moving through my movements <3


If you'd like to see HER too, then sneak a peek at one of my private sessions, whether it be Ballet, Burlesque, or even some Bellydancing Erotique!

Matters of the Art!

Now that I'm all sweaty and sane, you can watch me while I work!


Striptease may seem simple, maybe even seamy, but you can't imagine all that goes into making it seem seamless.


Here are the behind-the-scenes peeks into what it takes to create an act of art, from concept to choreography to costume.

Adoration of Aphrodite!

You can't imagine all the upkeep when you're trying to keep cute, especially once you've reached an advanced age!


If you can appreciate assets that have matured and only appreciated in value, then glimpse a private peek into my personal self care rituals, as I honor my body as Aphrodite's abode.


After all, all is vanity anyway!


So it helps to feel as pretty as possible in the process <3

Mindful Musings!

These irreverent Ravyngs can include everything from my Luny life Feelosophy, to the mechanics of Moondane Magique, to my own personal struggles with Shadowing the Psyche.


Consider these my own humble HERmons to help you navigate this thing we call Life <3

All Peekeasy content will be recorded according to my mood, but rest assured, it's always sure to be something good!

And finally, dear Patrons, honor that I'm inviting you into my most intimate of areas - my Home!  Please respect my privacy and treat this as the sacred space that it is.


That means don't steal or share ANY of the stuff I show you inside, or I'll hunt you down and kill you, k?  That includes you my fellow instructors.


Oh, and I have absolutely no tolerance for babies, brats, or bullies, so if you happen to be one, please be on your way : )

All that said, I can't wait to see you inside!  Click the pic below to subscribe to Peekeasy and prepare to see the dark side of this Lune <3

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