Get your Clit lit while you sit!

Guess what?  You can get your clit lit while you sit like a lady, giving yourself an “O” and letting no one know, except for your subtle shudders and oh-so comely glow ; )

And who doesn’t want to spice up their day with a little hands-free foreplay?

In my sexuality classes, I teach all kinds of k”egg”els and cuntractions, but when we get to the clitoris, it can be quite confounding.  Just how do you learn to push and pull this precious pearl when she seems so hidden away in her hidey-hole hood?

Well after much practice pulsing my privates, I discovered a little trick that will make you come quick!  Wanna know it?

Then give this video a click and learn how to light your lady lump’s wick ; )



Trust me, once you know how to contract your clitoris, you’ll want to do it constantly, and this can come in handy when you want to cum hands free!  This kind of pleasurable pulsing can quicken cunnilingus, zig zag pleasure paths all over your body, and even bring on the big “O” in your orifice when you flex during sex.

So what’s keeping you?

Start clicking your clit and let’s get her lit!