French Pharmhouse Cooking: Fundamentals

I present to you your first entreé into my cozy, culinary kitchen:

French Pharmhouse:  Fundamentals


This will be our first foray into French country cooking, where we’ll build a healthy food foundation by covering all the basics! 

From timeless techniques, to impromptu creations from your pantry, to making eating an event, it will be three months of instruction catered to keeping you slim, sane, and satisfied.



So, let’s see what’s on the menu, shall we? 

Week 1:

    • Slow cook your own quart of yogurt using raw milk or the store-bought stuff

    • Culture your own crème fraiche (French sour cream) that will keep for weeks

    • Start sustaining a sourdough starter with just water, wheat flour, and wild yeast



Week 2:

    • Boil up my Better-than-Botox! chicken broth that will sustain you to the bone

    • Faux-fry the boiled chicken and then simmer up a simple mushroom and shallot pan sauce

    • Serve it all up with a roasted beet, blue cheese, and balsamic salad for a staple and satisfying lunch



Week 3:

    • Bake up your own rustic sourdough bread, just like a boulangerie

    • Make a variety of creamy starter soups, capped off with some crispy garlic croutons

    • Assemble some extra “souped-up” suppers that will help you stay satisfied and slim


Hungry for more?

Check out our full season (13 weeks!) of menus right here, my dear <3