Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Welcome to Peekeasy, where you can get a weekly peek into the private life of Miss Lunatique!



You see, a couple of years before Covid, I started keeping to myself, wrapping myself up tight in what I like to call the Womb Tomb.


Now most people just thought I was hiding, and admittedly, that was somewhat the case.


But the truth was...

I had entered The Temple...

...and I've slowly been transforming it into my permanent place of worship.


And guess what?


I finally feel ready to open up and share this sacred space with you too.



Inside you'll see a day in the life of a Vestal Virgin, whose daily devotions surrender themselves completely to Love, Beauty, Knowledge, and Pleasure.


It's how I spend my day, every day, and, trust me, it's truly something to see!

And I want to tell you a secret...

Because I do this, I always seem to be a few years ahead of everyone else, in terms of what's happening in the world!


Maybe it's because I always have my head in the clouds and it gives me a chance to see the big picture <3



In any case...

If you'd like to peek into the future...

...while revisiting the past, then step right this way and read all about it!

(Click the keyhole below to unlock my secrets...)

*Photos courtesy of Chris Stratton


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