Are You Eggsperienced?

It started about a year and a half ago. I was homebound and recovering from SEVERE anemia, and I mean the kind of severe where I ended up in the emergency room and had to receive 3 bags of blood but could still barely walk to my kitchen and heat up soup. My periods had been prolific and vociferous for almost three years non-stop, and the doctor had no solutions for me other than birth control pills or a hysterectomy, neither of which interested me even remotely. I decided to heal myself, and in that quest I tried many, many things. One of those things was buying a rose quartz yoni egg.

I remembered hearing about these mysterious healing tools a few years before and had always remained intrigued. I had a sneaking suspicion that this deluge of blood was screaming specific things to me, and I knew one of them involved uncovering and healing old sexual trauma. The book I had read described a ritual using them to rebirth yourself, and somehow I knew that was exactly what I needed to finally begin my healing journey. I had to wait a little while to start, because my flow just kept going and going, but when I was finally able to regulate it through rest and yoga, I dug in, or should I say, I put it in. And that’s when I began to discover just what gems these little crystals are!

So, here’s a little list of some benefits yoni eggs have to offer, all of which I have experienced personally:

Heal trauma

  • Even if you’ve never been the victim of sexual trauma, just living in our society and how it feels about women and sexuality has been enough to damage and shame your beautiful *yoni

* yoni is the Tantric equivalent of vagina and means “sacred space”

  • The crystals themselves have healing properties, so they can help draw out negative energies that have been stored there, which happens to be a hotspot repository for women
  • Using the eggs regularly can also help alleviate certain female issues, such as abnormal menstruation and unbearable cramps

Improve your pelvic muscle strength, suppleness, and dexterity

  • This can help heal specific issues, such as tightness, pain or incontinence, and increase pelvic tone after giving birth
  • I call it eggsercise for a reason! Working out your hooha improves “dexterity,” i.e. the ability to isolate certain muscles in your vagina, which builds your sexual confidence as a woman

Increase your orgasmic experience

  • Using eggs awakens all areas of your vagina (some of which I’m sure you never knew existed!), so that it all becomes more sensitive and responsive
  • Strengthening the muscles creates more powerful orgasms because you have stronger contractions, and learning to relax the muscles helps you experience “valley” orgasms, which are a delicacy unto themselves : )

Learn to accept your body and love it more

  • Because you are touching yourself on a regular basis and in a different way, your body becomes “cleaner,” more beautiful, and fully acceptable to you, all parts of it, just as they are

Become magnetic

  • You will naturally start attracting wonderful things into your life, including a better quality of man (or woman), because you love yourself and are becoming healed and whole
  • The crystals themselves have magical properties and vibrational energies, so specific ones can be used to attract certain experiences or conditions into your life, such as prosperity or fertility
  • Having the egg in automatically centers you in your womb, which is your creative power center as a woman!
  • These eggs also help to “center” you emotionally, so you know how to keep your balance in our masculine-driven world

Pretty impressive, right? Seriously, get ready to fall in love with these superstars! They will change your life and bring you fully into your womanhood <3