Keep Your Feminine Flame from Flickering Out (Part 1: How to “Do” the World as a Woman)

These days women are somehow balancing both work and home, often working a full-time position at both. If this is you and you feel like shooting someone in the face every time they tell you to relax or take a bath or read a book because they obviously have no idea just how much you have on your plate, then this article might just be for you.

I might not have the family, but I have the fledgling business (going on three years now), and at times it feels like my partner, my child, and my job all rolled up into one. Add to that an actual full-time job, a relationship, and a deep personal desire and need to focus on my spiritual development, and it’s very easy some days to feel like I’m being buried alive under an avalanche of to-do’s. Can you relate?

So how exactly do you stretch your Wonder Woman self in four directions these days (health, work, family/relationship, life purpose) and do it successfully? Even more importantly, how do you do it without burning out? Well I don’t know if I have all the answers, but I have some, so here are my personal habits that keep my feminine flame a-flicker.

How to “Do” the World as a Woman

Okay, the first item up for review is “doing.” Now I’m about to say something that might piss you off. Ready? “Doing” is not actually feminine. That doesn’t mean that women can’t do things and get shit done. In fact, women can usually do a million things at once and very well to boot. The problem is that biologically women’s bodies are not meant to do them as much as we do these days, at least not in the way that we do.

So what do I mean by that? Well I mean doing in the sense of a to-do list. You know, I’m going to write down a hundred things to get done today in a hundred directions and when I only get 55 done I’m going to get pissed and frustrated and add them to my list of a hundred things I have to do tomorrow, and I’m going to keep doing that until I either fall over or explode and I’m going to feel completely unappreciated in the process! Did that sentence exhaust you, ‘cause that’s “doing.”

Doing is fucking exhausting for women! It can be exhilarating when you’re in the midst of it because you’re pumped up on adrenaline, but if you keep making your female body do it for days and days on end, I can almost GUARANTEE there will be a day with a wall and you will hit it. Believe me, I speak from personal experience and it took me a year to fully recover.

So, how do we get out of the habit of all this “doing” in our modern world? Well the very first secret is to actually figure out what things you actually want to do. If there’s a bunch of stuff in your life that you absolutely hate doing, start evaluating why it’s there in the first place. Are you doing this stuff because you think you’re supposed to? Are you doing this stuff because someone will think you’re selfish or won’t love you if you don’t? Are you doing this stuff to keep up with everyone else? Are you doing this stuff because you can’t do the things you really want to and you’re numbing the pain with busyness?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, seriously consider phasing those activities out of your life. This is YOUR life, so please for the love of all things Holy, spend it in the ways that are most fulfilling to you, the ways that fill you up not drain you. Now I know there are some things in life you have to do that you might not enjoy, but we’ll get to those later, ok?

So once you’ve discovered the things you actually enjoy doing, the next step is to start “doing” in a feminine way. This is something I call flowing. I’m doing it right now as I write this. You start with desire and fill yourself up with that delicious feminine energy until it is overflowing into action. It’s a little formula I like to call Feel, Flow, Attract, and this is how it works.

First, you get yourself into the right feeling state. Feeling is very feminine. So this feeling can look like many things. It could be choosing to do something that actually excites, inspires, or seduces you. If that’s the case, go with this natural state and let your desire lead you. Desire is the starting point of creation (just think of how babies are made!) and something women are naturally in touch with. If there’s something you want to do, it’s probably because you’re the woman meant to do it, so go with that flow!

Now if there’s something you have to do, such as house cleaning, and it’s not exactly stimulating, find some other way to get in that state, such as turning on booty shaking music. I guarantee you will have a very different experience and not feel like Cinderella if you’re dancing to Beyonce!

Now if it’s something you have to do and you’re scared or not quite feeling up to it because it’s big, such as writing your book or being a Sexual Priestess for your lover, then instead feel as if you are that woman already. Imagine you’re the Priestess or the world famous author. Play the “pretend game” and act as if just to get the ball rolling. Wear something that puts you in that vibration, add something special to your environment, or acquire a magical talisman that makes you feel like that woman. Again I guarantee that it will change your experience and what flows out of you.

So that covers the Feel and the Flow, so what about the Attract? Well if you are always feeling into whatever is happening and letting yourself flow from that place, you will naturally attract everything to you that you desire. This is the magic of being a woman! So guess what that means? That means you don’t have to chase down everything to make stuff happen or get what you want, you can set things in motion for it to all come to you. Now doesn’t that sound a lot better?

So start practicing your feeling, flowing, and attracting, and come back next time where I’ll paint you a picture of the feminine face of success <3