MOONifestation – New Moon Magique!

Welcome to the new moon in Libra, where balance and relationship will be brought up for evaluation in all of their forms.  How are you balancing your energy output with times of relaxation and renewal?  How are you balancing the benefits received by both sides in all of your significant relationships?  How are you balancing work with family?  How are you balancing the needs  and limitations of your unique individual self with the expansive and oceanic grandiosity of your never-ending Divine self?  In this week’s post I’m giving you a free meditation to seed the intention of something you want in your life so you can grow it into its fullest glory.

So to prepare, think of something you deeply desire and long for in your life, whether it’s your soulmate, an artist studio in your home, those amazing shoes you saw online, or even the desire to feel ecstatically alive to life in every moment. What would you absolutely LOVE to have in your life?  Remember, Libra is all about beauty, love, grace, refinement, art, relationships, and balance, so anything that resonates with these energies will have an extra charge today.  Get very clear and focused on what it is you want, especially the way it will make you feel. Next, do the meditation, really feeling the potency of your desire while seeing what you want as clearly as possible. For extra credit, you can find a small object that symbolically represents this to you and/or write it down on a piece of paper, and then bury it in a special spot while still feeling the power and intention of your meditation. Give thanks that the seed has been planted and let it go.

For this next month, I will post here each “Moon”day, walking you through this process of manifesting your desires, aligning each step with the phases of the moon. This is something I do at the end of my Bellyoga classes and I call it “moon-ifestation”! WARNING: This practice is very effective and powerful, so don’t be surprised if things start changing and shaking up in your life immediately! But don’t worry, Ravyn’s here to walk you through the underworld of your subconscious and help you make your dreams a reality <3

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