MOONifestation – First Quarter Magique!

All hail the first quarter moon as we enter deeply into the heart – so appropriate with our continuing Libra sun.  When we start manifesting things in our life, it begins to unearth all that has been holding us back from receiving or growing into it, so at first it might seem like you are getting the opposite of what you asked for, and this happens to be the point in the process when the first big obstacle to overcome is highlighted.

Tomorrow the moon grows into its first quarter phase, halfway between the new moon and the full moon. In fact if you gaze upon it, you will see it literally split in half between light and dark. In terms of the seed of intention we planted last week, this means that some of its growth has just started coming to light. Think of the first seedlings pushing through the earth! All of the obstacles that have been keeping you from what you want in your life (fears, insecurities, false beliefs, etc.) have most likely been appearing as real life scenarios. Even though it can feel like this is life’s way of confirming that you will never have or don’t deserve the things you want, it’s actually doing just the opposite! You are being given the opportunity to become conscious of all of all your blocks and strengthen yourself in the needed ways so you can finally make a “breakthrough.”

So how do you do that exactly, when it seems like the manure has hit the fan? You do the things that will nurture your little seedling to grow. Make sure to nourish your body and soul during this time, doing whatever it is that makes you feel safe, taken care of, and stronger. At the same time, become conscious of your deeper issues and be present for them, just allowing yourself to feel what hasn’t been felt in the past and seeing what has been hidden for too long. Look within and ask for solutions, and then take action on any inspiration that comes up. Little hint:  this action will probably need to be the opposite of what you have done over and over again in the past so that you can finally break your pattern. And finally, have compassion for yourself and for others. We are all wounded and trying to figure out what it is to live, and this is part of the process for all of us. This is what it is to be human.

This week’s “moon-ifestation” visualization can be used over the next week to help you grow from a struggling seedling into a majestic Tree of Life, so use it as often as you’d like. I’ll see you next week, when we start bringing our dreams to fruition.

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