MOONifestation – Full Moon Magique!

Early tomorrow morning we will be blessed with a full moon in Taurus, so expect to glow with your full femininity!  This sign is ALL about fecundity, fertility, and the finer things in life – think silk and velvet, fresh flowers, and gourmet food and wine.  This is also an earthy sign though, so Taurus is not afraid to get down and dirty, especially with the Scorpio sun along for the ride.  If there was ever a time to embody the God and Goddess of sex, this is it, so amp up your full moon mojo with a little sexual ritual of your own sensual design : )

With regards to the “moon-ifestation” process we are in, the full moon is when our intention is first coming to fruition and we see a little preview of what it is we’re creating. This can be both good and bad! When growing our vision, this is the point when all of our shadows have been brought to light (especially true with sun in Scorpio), so we often have a taste of the heaven we are yearning for, as well as an experience of hell entangled with it.

The full moon is also the ripe egg in the sky, correlating with ovulation, so this is when the moon and we as women pivot back into contraction, turning into ourselves to finish the creative process. We began by creating in our minds, compelled by our desires, but now we will start creating on the physical level, just like a seed being planted in our earthy wombs.  If what shows up for us at this time is a dream come true, we can continue to fertilize that egg of intention and work it into our full blown baby over the rest of this moon cycle. On the other hand, if we find that what we thought we wanted doesn’t serve or fulfill us, we can choose to fully let it go and start fresh next month.

It’s also likely that the “moon-ifestation” process has uncovered old wounds that have been blocking us, which is where the “hell” experience can come in. So whether we want to continue the creative process or let our intention go, this is a beautiful time to focus on healing and releasing our old beliefs and fears, and the month of Scorpio is the perfect time to transform our fears and limitations into strengths and stability.

So, pay attention to what happens over the next few days in your life and in your heart. Start to figure out where you want to go from here. Then when you’re ready, listen to the meditation track and use it to help you either continue creating or begin letting go. During the upcoming week, pay attention to anything that comes up to either help you create physically what it is you desire, such as actions you need to take or materials and support you need to gather, or what you need to heal. Let this full moon be a fertile one for you and start making your dream a reality <3

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