“The Snake in the Grass” technique

Welcome to The Scarlet Harlot, your divine destination for all of your sacred sexuality needs!  For our introductory lesson in awakening your orgasmic and sensual potential, I will be teaching a little technique I like to call “The Snake in the Grass.”  As we have recently entered the sign of Libra, this is a wonderful start, as it is a civilized and somewhat chaste way for the male and female private parts to meet and effectively “shake hands” before they get to know each other better later on ; )

Essentially this is a lesson in mutual masturbation, but instead of using your hands, you’ll be using your bodies.  The reason this technique is so great is because it keeps the man excited while catching the woman up to speed.  It’s also wonderful because currently in our culture’s adult education, most of the attention is paid to stimulating a woman’s clitoris (and delightfully so!), but in fact, women have more erectile tissue and pleasure nerves than either party is probably aware.  Using this technique, women can start to massage and explore all of the external areas of their sacred spaces and awaken them to their full potential.  With enough of this practice, a woman can be just as turned on by having her labia, perineum, or even anus stimulated as she does her clitoris.

So here’s the practice, straight and simple.  First, use the lubrication and arousal techniques of your choice to get your man nice and tumescent.  Once he’s in this ready-to-go state, use the tip of his phallic wonder as you would your fingers or a toy to massage all the areas AROUND your vagina (btw, make sure you’re nice and lubed yourself!).  Start with your outer lips, massaging them until you can feel them getting beautifully engorged and sensitive.  This might not happen the first time around, but with time you will be amazed at just how orgasmic they can become all on their own!  Under each outer lip lives a wonder that is the vestibular bulb, and it is chock full of pleasure nerves and capable of incredible growth.

Once the outer are nice and plump, move to the inner lips.  Now these little babies can be quite sensitive and delicate, which is why they are often (but not always) tucked underneath the outer labia.  For these ladies, make sure everything is still wonderfully wet and switch to a softer style of movement.  Think butterfly kisses!  You can even hold and ever so slowly glide the length of the penis between these girls.  A wonderful practice would be to let them wrap themselves around their suitor with a warm embrace (imagine a hot dog sitting snug in its bun) and just sit with this for a minute, letting the two melt into each other.  This relaxation into sensuality is THE key to a woman’s awakening.

Now you can return to the tip (which will keep him excited) to massage the perineum, the sweet soft spot located halfway between the vaginal opening and the anus.  Now, this is the seat (or rather Throne) of your sleeping serpent, so treat her with respect.  Massage with slight circles and even some slight pushing (the shallowest depth of penetration) to awaken Shakti Herself.  You might even notice a renewed juiciness within as this is the source of a woman’s love lube : )

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, slip around the corner and check out your back door.  Naughty as it may seem, the tissue around your anus is pleasurable beyond measure and super sensitive.  This is also where a lot of tension can be held (think of the term “tight ass”), so massaging it into a relaxed state can eventually open the flood gates of pleasure, as most of the sex nerves pass through the sacrum and anus.  Now remember, this is a first date, so this is not about penetration, just exploration.  That being said, just circling this port is enough to blow most men’s minds with desire, so be prepared for some excitement on his part!

The most important part of this play session is making it safe and relaxed, so agree ahead of time that there will be no penetration, only relaxation and exploration.  Now if after all of this you want to dive deeper, do a little something to signify to both of you that this lesson is over, and start a new session of your choosing.  And remember, if you ventured to the back, clean up before you go back to the front.  Now let Adam and Eve enter the garden and play!

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