Master this Bated Breath!

Welcome to your very first Friday Foreplay tip!  Saturdays are sexy and often designed for two (or three!) warm bodies, but Fridays are for Freya, and therefore all about warming up the feminine!  In Tantra and Taoism, men are fire and women are water, sexually speaking that is.  That means men are quick to heat up AND cool down in their nether regions.  Women on the other hand are like water coming to a boil – it might take longer but it can sustain that heat (read:  orgasmic sensation and ecstasy) for a very long time.

But if we’re being honest, most women don’t get much time to warm-up before the big show.  Maybe there’s some kissing and fondling, but often not much more than that before Mr. Manhood makes his entrance.  That’s where Friday Foreplay comes in!  These are ways you can heat yourself up and keep yourself at a simmer, so you’re all warmed up and ready to cook.

So this first technique is my favorite and quite effective.  I like to call it “The Breath of Desire.”  Think of it as a Kegel high on oxygen.  So here’s the super simple instructions:


Inhale through the nose as if pulling the breath into the vagina.  This is your mouth in the south, so let her contract and really pull the air into the vagina and up the spine to the back of the heart.  Now let your lady parts relax and exhale out of your breasts.  For this exhale, imagine that your breasts are filling up with the warm sexual energy, expanding them into fullness, and then sighing out of the nipples (you can even let yourself audibly sigh if you’d like).  Now let the energy flow down in front of the body and inhale it back into your va-jay-jay, creating a continuous circle loop of yoni/heart energy (p.s. yoni is Tantra speak for vagina).


Essentially that’s it – super simple and super effective!  Just continue breathing in this loop and even let yourself start to undulate with the movement.  In no time you will find your body tingling with electricity and pulsating with potential.  In Tantra, the breasts are where women’s energy begins, so once your breasts are warmed up, their heat will melt downstairs and make your yoni hungry for dinner.  Plus contracting on the inhale brings circulation to your pretty kitty, so there’s extra sexual energy to feed your pretty pair.  I love this practice because it’s easy, can be undetectable (so possible to practice anywhere, even in plain sight), and fills me with a desire that is not desperate, but rather fuels and satisfies itself.  You don’t get much better than that, so start breathing and fill yourself to overflowing with desire <3


P.s. Running this sexual energy circuit also makes you SUPER magnetic as a woman, so get ready for the coming attractions ; )

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