Let’s love your ladies up!

Did you know that our breasts are where we generously “give” to the world as women? They are a sacred source of nurturing, beauty, and love, the center of our true radiance and light as ladies.

No wonder they call them headlights!

But sadly, we rarely focus on the pleasure we can receive from them ourselves. We leave it to our partners to turn us on and often only massage them while fearfully hoping not to find a lump.

The truth is, the real start of your sexual fire begins in the heart and breasts, then warmly flows down to awaken your nether regions. This is why women want to be romanced, cherished, and “seen” before they’re ready for deeper intimacy in a relationship.

So why not light yourself up with some loving massage?

Sensual breast massage is a beautiful way to cultivate self love while simultaneously firming your favorite feminine adornments. Plus it keeps your ladies free and clear of toxins and heartache and even helps to balance your hormones.

Below you’ll find my favorite beginner breast massage techniques, coming from the Taoist alchemy traditions:



Practiced regularly, these strokes will awaken your breasts to vibrant health and vitality, even stoking your sexual fire for a long slow burn. When done with devotion, you’ll discover that your body eventually opens to breast orgasms and even full body orgasms!

Now you know why it’s my favorite bath time meditation ; )

So find a secluded spot, grab some sweet almond or jojoba oil, and let’s show your ladies some love <3


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